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Sony Motion Eye Camera driver

 Sony Motion Eye webcam is a built-in camera in Sony Vaio laptops. It is an easy to use webcam, and takes clear and vibrant pictures. Sony Motion Eye web cam allows users to take both still and video images. The best thing about this built-in camera is that it swivels, allowing you take pictures facing away from the laptop or facing yourself.

About the company

Sony is a reputable and one of the best brands in the computer and digital camera industry. Its products are always of the best quality. 

Specifications of Motion Eye camera

The web camera uses Arc software. The software is preinstalled in Sony Vaio laptops that have the Sony Motion Eye camera, whose specifications are:

  • Megapixels (MP) – 1.3 
  • Resolution – 640 x 480

Driver for Sony Motion Eye

Like for any other hardware, you need some sort of software or plug-ins to access it. Sony Motion Eye driver allows users to access the web camera and use its all functionalities. 

The driver for Sony Motion Eye web camera is integrated into your Sony Vaio laptop. If the required driver is missing, you will have to download it to access the installed web camera.

You can download the Sony Motion Eye driver from our website. The process is extremely easy, simple, and quick. In less than a minute, you can have the desired driver on your laptop and be ready to use the wonderful Sony Motion Eye web camera. 

Generally, the Sony Motion Eye driver consists of additional software. We, however, obviously cannot provide this additional software because if we do, we will break the copyright rules.

However, you don’t lose anything by choosing not to download the additional software. For all practical purposes, the additional software is useless and does not improve the performance of your web camera in any way. This explains why most users prefer to download only the driver. After all, why should you clutter your laptop’s hard disk with unnecessary and useless software? The driver listed on our website, we reiterate, is all you need to use the Sony Motion Eye camera on your Sony Vaio laptop.  


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